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It's no secret that virtually every market or niche is competitive. You can't win unless you have years of management education, experience and cutting edge marketing systems.

Our PPC and SEO teams specialize in creating positive ROI for our clients using cutting-edge tech and management strategies. That's what our client's get when they start working with Birchstone.

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We are passionate about creating effortless experiences for your customers to make sure that your brand and marketing activities are leading towards desired results. We use PPC, SEO and CRO to drive more conversions for your business. Ready to talk PPC and ROAS?

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Our PPC and SEO Agency does it all. From creating an ad-copy to setting up the conversion tracking system. We will build and optimize your customer journey before scaling your campaigns using PPC on Google Ads. Facebook Ads and other traffic outlets.

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Marketing growth plan for Your Business

Our approach is based on first performing a 360 audit of your customers and your business operations before creating a 6- to 12-month marketing strategy. Not like other agencies, our agency driving growth using PPC and SEO based on business intelligence, data aggregation and analytics.

Our SEO and PPC agency is lead by MBA graduate from one of the top marketing programs in the world – UCLA Anderson School of Management. We are not only driven by the same caliber of PPC professionals as the Fortune 500 companies but we also can compete with them using same cutting edge PPC and SEO technologies and systems.

We also work using the direct-to-expert model, where if our PPC and SEO agency clients have any questions they are patched directly to the subject-matter expert, not a PPC trainee or a junior PPC associate. We value our client’s time and always strive to provide superior PPC and SEO results, education and customer service. What’s common about our clients is that they consistently dominate in the digital space over their competitors using our PPC and SEO services.

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The reality is organic traffic won’t come to your website unless you implement a comprehensive on-page and off-page strategies to drive your target customers to your website. We often combine PPC and SEO to drive the results that very few practitioners can achieve. This is why having ppc management agency and seo is very beneficial.


Creating engaging content is a core element of every comprehensive growth strategy. But the PPC and SEO ROI of this element depends on the quality of the copy and promotion strategy behind it. If you run PPC campaign you must have a great copy since every PPC click is often over $5. Ready to talk?

Using PPC to target mirco-niches of your consumers allows to create hyper personalized experiences and engagements which leads to higher ROI for your PPC budget. Facebook platform just like other platforms has an intention to drive up your PPC budget as high as possible. We are here for you to prevent that and drive higher ROAS on your PPC spend.

Low converting traffic is upsetting.

Especially if PPC is so absurdly expensive as it is in the major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. One of our PPC Agency clients saw a whooping 400% improvement in the meetings book after using Birchstone CRO services. For those of you who don't know PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a way your account is being charged. PPC strategies are different depending on the platform you are using it on. For instance, PPC on Google Ads is based on the search traffic, so the commercial intent is very high. On the other hand Facebook PPC traffic usually comes from people accidentally stumbling on your sponsored add. That's why when you are working on your CRO it is important to take into consideration on what type of traffic it is, Search PPC, Social Media PPC, Display PPC or organic.
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Sure way to improve brand image, conversion, sales and SEO is video, it works.

We are the only PPC Agency that has ability to do video production in house. By running various campaigns we have identified areas where Video provides a very good ROI and other areas where video is probably not the best option. For instance when you are running a Facebook PPC campaign videos can help to warm the cold leads and provide a significantly higher ROI, but when you are using video ads for cold PPC traffic in the countries where internet is not as fast it will lead to a very poor ROI, because many of your clients after pressing on your PPC ad won't be able to watch your video due to the bandwidth restriction. This is the reason why video for PPC campaigns requires a good planning.
Our PPC Agency can't wait to help your campaign reach new records using our video creation services. Ready to talk?

Data-Driven PPC Agency is the dividing factor between waste of money and great ROI.

Google Ads used to be called Google Adwords, but since the name change the main function hasn't changed. Google Ads is still the dominant PPC platform on the PPC market. It is the most expensive and often drive the most valuable traffic to the source. In 2020, PPC cost in certain niches are as high as $65 per click. This is the reason every PPC campaign our agency works on includes a CRO optimization and thorough research of client's market. Ready to join us to avoid wasting money in your PPC campaign?

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