The area of digital marketing is vast and full of nuances. The moment you feel like you have a full grasp of the subject something new happens in the industry which create a ripple effect through all of the areas of digital marketing. Founders of Birchstone Associates saw insatiable demand for high-quality, affordable premium service and education in the space of digital advertising in the United States. We do all of the work in house and that’s what allow us to respond to our customer request faster than most in the business.

PPC and SEO Demand Generation Digital Agency

At Birchstone Associates, we leverage the best strategies for promoting your business. Our specialty is in Click Advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Content Marketing. Each of these subcategories of digital marketing are essential to any marketing plan and their implementation and focus allocation depend on one’s marketing goal. Birchstone Associates is a full service marketing agency, which means we can advise you on all areas of your digital marketing campaign. Let’s discuss these areas a bit further.

Click Advertising

Click Advertising or what is also commonly called Pay Per Click or PPC advertising, is often the most expensive type of digital marketing, but it has amazing benefits. Click Advertising can get your marketing campaign up and running in the matter of hours. Another Pay Per Click’s main advantage is that it allows for an unprecedented selection of the target audience, which is great for both brand awareness and contextual advertising. For instance, you are opening a brand new dental office in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Given the reduced foot traffic due to the Covid19 restrictions it will be very hard to achieve local brand awareness unless you use Pay Per Click ads. Digital Marketing Agencies that only offer PPC services are biased towards continuing to use PPC as the means of attracting new customers even-though in the long-term it can be significantly more expensive than other strategies. At Birchstone Associates, we use PPC as the startup strategy to get the fast early wins, but once we reach substantial traffic we slowly start leveraging other digital strategies that can have much more effective campaigns in the long run.


SEO also called Search Engine Optimization is the long term of our digital marketing strategy because when done professionally provides evergreen traffic to your business. SEO can be done on the local, national levels and it is often closely intertwined with the Web Design technologies. At our digital agency we leverage our industry expertise in local and national level SEO and Web Development to move provide positive ROI on your efforts. Although there are many fast and easy SEO guides online, doing online marketing yourself often lead to lots of wasted time, money and frustration. The easy tricks that worked in the past no longer work today, so if you are trying to implement numerous strategies that are out there, save yourself time and just reach out to us. We don’t mind providing guidance to the qualified leads. All of our initial consultations are free. We would love to help you to avoid extra fees on fake SEO courses and sketchy SEO services that can potentially black list your website. Nowadays SEO has become very technical and requires many proprietary tools to make it work. We do all of the SEO work in-house: keyword research, conversion rate optimization, data analytics. At our digital marketing agency we spend thousands of dollars a month on these latest applications to achieve unprecedented quality scores and real-time tracking of our content and our digital marketing campaigns. We only use White Hat strategies in our SEO arsenal due to the fact that our clients are often multi-million dollar enterprises and risking their website being black listed just to save few thousand dollars. This doesn’t make a lot of sense and also in our experience White Hat tend to have a longer shelf-life than the Black Hat strategies. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the last and most important pillar of a successful digital marketing agency. In our opinion, the content company puts out allows for the modern customer to properly assess the quality of underlying product or service. For instance, you have implement a perfect Pay Per Click ad or keyword-stuffed a 2000 word article that makes very little sense but it is optimized for the current google algorithm. Either of these actions might get you an initial success by bringing your target audience to the website, but once potential customer lands on your website he or she probably won’t be enticed to purchase your product or service unless your content provides additional insights about the subject and answers the questions your potential customers are looking for. Content marketing is great at increasing CRO (conversion rate optimization) of your qualified leads, which at the end of the day not only improves all of your metrics but also greatly affects your bottom line.

Summary – Premium Service and Slightly Lower Prices

In the summary, I would like to add that there are many great digital marketing agencies in the U.S. who can provide a great service but often it comes with two drawbacks: first being the price and second is quality of work. Most often than not small-businesses that hire large and well known marketing agencies quickly realize that their accounts are being managed by junior associates or even worse account managers, who often make mistakes, have trouble answering more advanced questions and on top of all that switch a lot due to high-turnover rate. At the Birchstone Associates we believe that our customer shouldn’t overpay for poor service just because of the brand visibility. So whether you want to call us with specific question in regards to your keyword research, conversion rate optimization, link building or data analysis of one of your marketing channels, our experts are always here to answer your questions and provide detailed explanations. At our advertising firm we believe in the spirit of True Collaboration between our Full-Service Agency and our Clients.

 In our firm we provide our clients with direct-to-expert model. No matter what happens you as our loyal customer will be interacting directly with the subject matter expert, whether it is Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Web Development, Content Marketing or SEO. Furthermore, due to our processes and leveraging of automation we can provide highly competitive rates for our services. 

If you would like to reach out to us and discuss your current marketing needs you can call us during the work hours or just send us an inquiry using the form below. Also feel free to connect to us on Social Media and Twitter. 

We can assist our clients Web Design or Website Design projects but it all depends on details of the particular project.

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