In this Case Study, we discuss the issue the client faced and how we leveraged our expertise in order to achieve a great ROI and multiple X increase in the new business.



  • So Cal Industries is one of the biggest providers of waste management and temporary fencing equipment in Southern California, with revenues in tens of millions of dollars.
  • They approached us at the beginning of 2019 to help gain visibility and lower the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • The goal was to optimize their paid search marketing campaigns and improve the online experience for existing and new customer conversion rate of their website.



SoCal Industries Old Website

“Birchstone Associates have been instrumental in helping us grow our online traffic and revenue. They have a ton of deep expertise in all things marketing. They not only helped us to drastically lower the conversion cost per customer but all of us in all aspects of our marketing along the way.

Johnny Guerra – CEO”


  • The company’s website was not mobile optimized. Also, the existing UX design was slightly dated and presented many opportunities for improvement. We wanted to redesign the whole website experience around the most valuable products and build out engaging pages to support the main keywords.
  • Product pages (in comparison to competitors) were “thin,” lacked good quality content (professional pictures, descriptions, etc.) and were near-duplicates of each other.
  • So Cal Industries was already spending lots of resources on paid search marketing on three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also in 2019, SoCal Industries were losing impression share to their main competitors on Google Ads (the largest share of their paid search budget) almost every month. Quality Score was also trending down in driving the Cost Per Acquisition of new customers year over year.






SoCal Industries New Website
  • PPC Optimization // We first improved analyzed all of the relevant data and filled the gaps in their data collection strategy to better understand their customer’s journey. After analyzing the new data, we were able to identify numerous high ROI opportunities. First, we shut down campaigns which led to a high amount of low converting traffic. Secondly, adjusted the ad-schedule for all of the campaigns based on the company’s work hours and the hours when most of the new customers choose to call or request a service via the company’s website. Thirdly, we have made significant adjustments in budget allocation between the campaigns, based on the new data we’ve collected after engaging SoCal Industries as the client.
  • Technical SEO // An improved website architecture and on-page optimization of all the content. Besides, the site did not support proper URL structures. Our development team had to build out 100% custom customize the CMS and create site-wide 301 redirects to clean up architecture and make it search-friendly.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization // SoCal Industries bought into our vision and agreed to the proposal to redesign the UX and design of the website completely. We worked with SoCal Industries executives on every detail, from the creation of the new content (written copy, professional pictures, etc.) to development of custom widgets to enrich customer’s experience. Additionally, we beefed up analytics of the original website to better understand current customer behavior and to discover that opportunities that can significantly affect the bottom line for their company.


Birchstone Associates PPC Case Study