What is Click Fraud? Learn How to Protect Your Ad Budget From Evil Bots




What Is Click Fraud & How Does It Affect Your Advertising?




Click Fraud is a technique run mainly through evil bots that decrease competition in the PPC (Pay Per Click) or online advertising market. It is an illegal way of draining a business’ ad spend and Google ranking by repeatedly clicking on their paid advertisements.

Whether you are a large company or a small startup trying to run ads for your business, these internet bots have an unfair advantage over you.

Here’s how:

  • Bots can continuously click on their own PPC advertisements to not only drive up their revenue, but also increase their SERP rankings on Google to kick out their competition. If you’ve ever wondered how some companies have an incredibly high Domain Authority, this is how. Of course not all businesses do this. However, it is vital to spot a click fraud scam especially when there is only one sole advertiser for a specific ad.
  • Click Fraud can lower your conversion rates, drain your ad budget and interfere with your user data. Let’s say you are a local business running an ad with a limited budget and a bot decides to target your ad. Remember, these scammers have no intention of buying your service nor do they look through your website for any duration of time. By repeatedly clicking on your ad, your ad spend depletes and advertising becomes more costly.


How Much Is Budget Affected By Fraudulent Clicks?



According to a study from ClickGuardian, Click Fraud took away an estimated $7.2 Billion dollars from the PPC market in 2016 and increased this loss by 227% during 2018.



What is incredible about these statistics is not only the amount of ad dollars lost from click fraud, but also the percentage of people who don’t realize how to prevent it.

According to clickcease.com, companies with the highest search volume and CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords are the biggest victims of click fraud, with finance being the most favored:

What this means is that any PPC advertiser can be affected by click fraud.

This begs to question what the future holds for online advertisers.

AI and advertising online are always updating, therefore, click bots will never leave the marketing industry.

What you can do as advertisers is understand how to protect your ad spend.



Protect Your Ad Budget – Click Fraud Detection Techniques

The best way to identify if your ads are being attacked by bots is to monitor your analytical data.


Did your bounce rate spike? Is there an increase of clicks from the same IP address?

How about your ad costs?

Is there a lack of conversions or avg. page sessions?


If you answered yes to all four questions, your ad budget is in jeopardy.

If you are not monitoring your data carefully, you will loose your revenue and ranking on Google.



Don’t Drain Your Budget..You Can Protect Any Ad Yourself


According to PPCProtect, you can learn how to identify click fraud yourself by working backwards to analyze your ad traffic.

The truth is, there is a learning curve to understanding your own data. Although it is possible to do the work yourself, the more time you spend looking for fraudulent activity, the more time evil bots have to drain your budget.

If you don’t have the time or patience to detect click fraud yourself, we recommend using click fraud detection software such as clickcease.com





ClickCease is a software that uses a detection algorithm to detect click fraud.

They specify that 20% of your ad performance is based on fraudulent clicks.

Therefore, you can be saving 20% of your ad spend without having to deal with the work yourself!

Best of all, their team discusses details of your ads such as:

IP Table

Detected IPs

Fraud Heatmap



ClickCease allows you to understand the specifics of where your ads are going and why you are accruing fraudulent clicks.

Even if later down the line you don’t want to pay for ClickCease anymore, you still have their knowledge that can help protect your ads in the future.





In short, learning how to combat click fraud is a challenge but it is possible.

Although click fraud practices aren’t going away anytime soon, more knowledge and techniques are being implemented to protect your business and your ad money.

Don’t give up on PPC. Take our advice and learn how to stay clear of Evil Bots!